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Excit Plus Sizes

October 29, 2018

ExcitaPlus – New Convenient Size for Trial or Travel

Contains non-glandular ingredients important for adrenal health and reducing stress-induced fatigue*

Rediscover the benefits of ExcitaPlus in a 20ct bottle:

  • Prolonged stress is associated with dysregulation of the HPA axis, which can affect catecholamine and cortisol levels1
  • Rhodiola rosea in an adaptogen that has been shown to reduce stress-induced effects2,3*
  • ExcitaPlus provides more than three times the L-tyrosine and six times the Rhodiola per capsule compared to AdreCor
  • The new 20ct bottle contains 10 servings

 Try ExcitaPlus in 20ct or 120ct



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