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New Website

April 16, 2018

NEW NeuroScience Website

Professional grade supplement company, NeuroScience, connects a new website to the online nervous system

NeuroScience is a professional grade supplement company with nearly two decades of experience and innovation announced the launch of their new website this February.

The new NeuroScience website was designed with the idea that like professional supplements, a comprehensive approach is both consistent and impactful. Quality products and education built on evidence-based literature constitutes the nucleus of our cell, with every connection rooted in science.

"We are extremely excited to launch our new website. This site has the potential to connect healthcare providers with our mission of providing quality products and education, all underscored in science. The NeuroScience site is yet another tool to help healthcare providers deliver the best quality of care."
-Bill Sevold, President of NeuroScience

New features to the NeuroScience website include:

  • Comprehensively sort products by biomarker, network, clinically, or by ingredient
  • Effortless online ordering system
  • Readily accessible education materials
  • Enhanced support network for Healthcare Providers and Staff

About NeuroScience

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