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Omega Kade

November 28, 2018

Omega KADE – A New Innovative Omega-3 Formula

Utilizes NeuroCelle™ technology to encase sustainably sourced, natural triglyceride omega-3s and fat-soluble vitamins important for immune function, cognition, and eye health*

Innovative Blend of Omega-3s and Fat-Soluble Vitamins

  • Omega KADE is delivered in a peach-mango liquid emulsion with zero fish odor and no added sugars or sweeteners*
  • A patented emulsifier, NeuroCelle technology uses micelles to encase nutrients into an easy to administer liquid form
  • NeuroCelle technology encases a blend of natural omega-3s and fat-soluble vitamins in micelles for essential digestion and absorption

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Sustainable and Safe Omega-3s

  • Omega KADE contains omega-3s that have been sourced from non-endangered ocean fish that are tested to be free from heavy metals, peroxides, and dioxins
  • NeuroScience utilizes fish oil that does not undergo processing to concentrate omega-3 content
    • Omega supplements are highly prone to rapid oxidation when processed, potentially leading to the generation of harmful oxidative products and poor taste1
  • Omega KADE provides 1100 mg per serving of unprocessed, natural triglycerides

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