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Calm Prt 90

March 06, 2019

Calm PRT – Commitment to our Unique Formulation

Calm PRT by NeuroScience contains ingredients important for sleep, regulating the stress response, and reducing anxiousness*

  • The unique Calm PRT formulation includes the highest amount of rosavins per serving within the U.S. supplement market
  • Rosavins are a main active compound in Rhodiola rosea root extract (hereafter Rhodiola)
  • Rhodiola is a wild botanical that is considered an adaptogen because of its ability to increase the body’s resistance to stressors1*

Ensuring quality Rhodiola rosea

  • Rhodiola is grown in harsh arctic environments of Europe, Asia, and North America
  • NeuroScience stringently verifies the quality and identity of all botanicals, including Rhodiola
  • In response to increased demand and fluctuating availability, NeuroScience proactively secured reputable, high quality Rhodiola and has prioritized maintaining this consistent source

Percentages vs. Milligrams

  • Percent standardizations of botanicals are important, but so too is the actual amount of active ingredient within a given botanical
  • Going forward in 2019, Calm PRT labels will indicate both the Rhodiola percent standardization and the amount of active rosavins (in mg) per serving
  • This will provide the most transparency in how the unique Calm PRT formulation consistently maximizes the sought-after properties of Rhodiola

NeuroScience is Committed to our Unique Formulation

  • High quality Rhodiola has been proactively secured to ensure Calm PRT inventory for the healthcare providers and patients that rely on this unique professional grade formulation

Now available in a 90ct bottle

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  1. Legeay S, et al. Nutrients. 2015;7(7):5443-68.