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Immu Well Timeline

October 21, 2019

ImmuWell Formulation Update

ImmuWell provides catecholamine precursors in combination with the botanicals bacopa, boswellia and huperzia that have been proven to support immune healthenergy, and cognition.*

ImmuWell was introduced by NeuroScience in 2013, with subsequent formula updates occurring based on healthcare provider feedback and ongoing novel research. Beginning in October 2019, the ImmuWell proprietary blend will change from 1.2g to 1.19g and will no longer contain Mucuna cochinchinensis seed extractThe unique blend will continue to provide L-tyrosine, Bacopa monnieriBoswellia serrata, and Huperzia serrata. As with all NeuroScience supplements, the ImmuWell formulation is designed to ensure every ingredient plays a significant role in providing clinical results.              

Our Product Development team is consistently reviewing research and conducting studies to ensure NeuroScience supplements support our promise of the right ingredients at the right dose for efficacious products. 

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