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Gaba No Sugars

May 13, 2019

Label Update, Same Great Formula

GABA Trex bottles will display updated labels that no longer include “Added Sugars” under “Total Carbohydrate” in the supplement facts box

  • Previously, in an effort to be compliant and transparent, GABA Trex labels indicated that xylitol, a sugar alcohol, provided 2 grams of added sugar per serving
  • In FDA guideline updates, sugar alcohols are not considered an “Added Sugars” and should therefore not be labeled as such
  • The GABA Trex supplement facts box will no longer contain an “Added Sugars” section under the “Total Carbohydrate”
  • The 2 grams of carbohydrates that xylitol provides will remain under the “Total Carbohydrate” section in the supplement facts box

The only modification was to the label with no change to the formula. 

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