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Oxi Sleep

February 05, 2019

OxiSleep – Break the Immune-Sleep Cycle

OxiSleep utilizes NeuroCelleTM technology to encase a blend of antioxidants shown to improve the onset, duration, and efficiency of sleep*

Innovating with OxiSleep

  • Trusted ingredients, unique delivery, addressing a root cause for sleeplessness
  • OxiSleep is formulated with the patented NeuroCelle technology that utilizes micelles to blend insoluble ingredients such as astaxanthin and resveratrol for essential digestion and absorption1,2
  • Emulsion utilizing natural essential oil flavoring with zero sugars or sweeteners

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Sleep and the Immune System

  • Sleep and the immune system are controlled by a daily circadian rhythm3
  • OxiSleep ingredients act as key immune-sleep cycle interventions by:
    • Impacting cytokine production via NFκB and T-cells4-6*
    • Scavenging free radicals and promoting the antioxidant glutathione7,8*
    • Supporting sleep-promoting processes9

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