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May 18, 2020

In Memory of our Founder

It is with great sadness that NeuroScience announces our founder, Gottfried Kellermann, has passed away. Many knew Gottfried for his professional, personal and community endeavors. He was often admired for the incredible work ethic that drove him and inspired those around him.

Dr. Kellerman’s natural curiosity was his motivation in everything he did. Whether it be taking apart clocks at a young age or researching the brain years later, Dr. Kellermann continually sought to understand the world around him. How it all fits together, he would often remark.

The human body quickly became Dr. Kellermann’s lifelong intellectual calling. As the science of specialists grew, his research focused on how each bodily system was uniquely connected. His educational outreach on a connected systems approach aligned with many others as Gottfried joined the pioneers that brought balanced, holistic health paradigms back to prominence.

Please join us in remembering Dr. Gottfried Kellermann and the scientific spirit in which he so passionately believed.