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Proven ingredients

On their own and blended for complete support

Astaxanthin + Zinc survey

Astaxanthin + Zinc graph

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study showed that supplementation with astaxanthin and zinc significantly improved the onset of sleep.?*

Kavinace OS blend survey

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Significant improvement in total sleep time relative to time in bed with extremely significant reductions in sleep latency were reported after the first dose of Kavinace OS, ongoing improvements continued with consistent dosing.7*

Connecting the

Brain, immune system, and adrenals

  • Cholinergic signaling from the vagus nerve facilitates communication between the brain and immune system12
  • Afferent vagal nerve fibers detect cytokines in the periphery and signal to the central nervous system about immune activation12
  • Integration of vagal signals in the brain activates the HPA axis, completing the communication loop between the PNS and CNS

- Kavinace OS -

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73% of participants were satisfied
with their sleep quality


8 out of 10 were satisfied or very satisfied with how quickly they fell asleep