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Adre Cor Xt Dc

April 18, 2017

AdreCor XT - Discontinued

AdreCor contains non-glandular ingredients important for adrenal health and reducing stress-induced fatigue*

Catecholamines are involved in the central and peripheral stress responses1

  • The locus coeruleus is the primary source of norepinephrine in the brain and is involved in the initiation of the central stress response1
  • Depletion in catecholamines has been associated with fatigue and decreased vigor2

AdreCor contains ingredients important for reducing stress-related fatigue and increasing norepinephrine*

  • In a randomized, double-bind, placebo-controlled study, Rhodiola rosea was shown to significantly improve mental fatigue and general well-being under stress3*
  • A meta-analysis demonstrated a significant increase in norepinephrine following the use of AdreCor (p<0.0001)4*

Expand your toolbox with AdreCor


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