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Atten Trex is here

September 29, 2021

AttenTrex: Spark Attention for the Entire Family

NeuroScience is happy to introduce the newest chewable “Trex” line addition: AttenTrex. Consistent with the products GABA Trex and SeroTrex, AttenTrex offers a convenient, family friendly chewable with simple, trusted ingredients that allow healthcare providers and their patients much needed dosing flexibility.

Delivered in a berry flavored chewable, AttenTrex contains ingredients promoting the drive required to spark attention and feel physically energized.* The product uses vegetarian ingredients with no artificial sweeteners or gluten, and provides a detailed age-specific suggested use starting at 4 years old.

AttenTrex per serving features 250 mg of L-tyrosine, an amino acid readily absorbed within the gut and across the blood-brain barrier. Active vitamin B6 and vitamin C work with L-tyrosine to completely support the body’s own pathway production of norepinephrine, a brain messenger (neurotransmitter) crucial for stimulating attention and a state of wakefulness.1-4*

With over 20 years of designing impactful and targeted professional blends, NeuroScience is excited to expand its portfolio with AttenTrex.

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