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Item Number: 20068
Item Number: 2069


60 capsules per bottle 120 capsules per bottle

Contains non-glandular ingredients important for adrenal health and reducing stress-induced fatigue.* Provides over three times the L-tyrosine and six times the Rhodiola per capsule compared to AdreCor.

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  • Neurotransmitter:
    • Dopamine

    • Epinephrine

    • Norepinephrine

  • Hormone:
    • Cortisol


  • Amino Acid:
    • L-DOPA

    • L-methionine

    • L-tyrosine

  • Botanical:
    • Rhodiola (5% rosavins)

  • Vitamin/Mineral:
    • Folate

    • Manganese

    • Niacin

    • Pantothenic acid

    • Vitamin B6

    • Vitamin C

    • Zinc

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